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    Safety issues when using hydraulic hoses

    To ensure safe and reliable hydraulic hose assemblies, you should consider using the following precautions:

    1. Working pressure

    Provision of hydraulic hose working pressure is usually the case can not be less than the maximum system pressure, only in the case of infrequently used, allowed to increase by 20%; for frequently used, often bending and torsion are to be reduced by 40%. If the impact pressure of the system is higher than the working pressure of the hose provided, not only reduces the life of the hose, and may result in personal equipment accidents.

    2. Temperature

    The fluid temperature and ambient temperature, whether stable or transient, must not exceed the temperature resistance limit of the hydraulic hose, and the temperature is lower or higher than the recommended temperature of the hydraulic hose, which can reduce the performance of the hydraulic hose and cause Damage, which can cause leakage.

    3. Fluid compatibility

    The fluid in the hydraulic hose should comply with the provisions made in the "use" in the product catalog. Use beyond the prescribed cannot guarantee the service life and safety of the pipe.

    4. Proper end connection

    Nuts are widely used due to their convenient connection and low cost. However, in the case of large vibrations, the problem of loosening nuts must be fully considered, and flange connections can be considered at this time.

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