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    Advantages of medical silicone hoses

    The silicone hoses used in medical treatment are different from those used on a daily basis, and medical silicone tubes are generally made from imported raw materials and platinum catalytic systems made from advanced machines. All products must be certified by the medical and health institutions before they can be put into use, due to the special nature of the function, so can be customized according to the needs of users. The following are the advantages of medical silicone hoses.

    1. Medical silicone hoses can be molded quickly, in the production process, because the rate of vulcanization is very fast, the molecules are fully cross-linked, does not produce odor and does not need to do secondary vulcanization, thus reducing costs to improve efficiency.

    2. Molded medical silicone hose transparent, hygienic, non-toxic tasteless, very environmentally friendly. The reason for the high transparency is that the vulcanizer used in the vulcanization process is a transparent paste. It has a high medical grade and can withstand a variety of certification tests.

    3. Medical silicone hose in the medical field is harmless to human body, it has its own special biocompatibility and inertness, so the damage to human tissue is very small, will not react with tissue, and implanted in the body will not produce foreign object rejection reaction. Therefore, in the field of medical treatment has been a lot of applications, for example, commonly used have blood transfusion tubes, drainage tubes, catheters, blood vessels and so on.

    4. Medical silicone hose mechanical performance is good, has a good stretch and tear resistance, the use of more convenient hands. Moreover, it can withstand high and low temperature, temperature difference will not become a factor affecting its performance, so, in the face of changes in the medical temperature environment, the change of silicone tube is not large, can be used normally. This is due to its own inertness and resistance to biological aging.