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    PVC Fiber-Reinforced Hose Features

    PVC fiber-reinforced hose is a major feature of aging resistance, strength and long service life, the pipe type of applications are widely, including industrial, agricultural, fishery construction and household and other common equipment water supply, gas, oil, pvc fiber-reinforced hose in the field of medicine is also used a lot. PVC fiber-reinforced hose belongs to a non-toxic tasteless products, and its transparency is also very good, their use is also very strong pressure resistance, it is also in use has a good anti-stretch performance.

    PVC fiber-reinforced hose is mainly used in high-end food, makeup, medicine and other required industries. Excellent high strength, high module, high elasticity, tear resistance, solvent resistance, oil, climate resistance, and both rubber and plastic performance. The outer diameter, bending radius and weight are 1/2-1/3 of the same-use inner diameter rubber tube, which is very easy to design and manually install.

    PVC fiber-reinforced hoses are well used in different environments, while also being very convenient and have a strong overall effect of application. It is also used with good anti-tensile performance and so on. In addition, their corrosion resistance is also very good, and its appearance is also very beautiful. Such controlled products are widely used in agriculture, industry, construction and aquaculture, and are mainly used in the transport of fluids such as liquids. In our life can occupy a very powerful application effect and application value.