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    Applications for silicone hoses

    Silicone hoses are used for a wide range of applications due to their properties, including safety and environmental protection. High-temperature silicone hoses are one of our most commonly used silicone hoses.

    1. Transport

    The application of high temperature silicone hoses in the field of transportation is diverse, most commonly in the shipbuilding industry. In general, the connecting tubes and various protective layers are made of high-temperature silicone rubber, ensuring the safety and service life of high-temperature silicon hoses.

    2. Aviation

    As an important part of the manufacturing industry, the aviation industry definitely guarantees the use of material quality. High-temperature silicone hoses in the aerospace industry are also often used as protective films and connecting tubes because they not only have high temperature insulation, low temperature, antioxidant capacity, but also do not produce any liquids and other chemicals. Therefore, the use of high-temperature silicone hoses in the aerospace industry is a very wise choice.

    3. Food, household appliances

    High-temperature silicone hoses are often used in household appliances, for example, the water dispensers we use are high-temperature food-grade silicone tubes because exposure to high or low temperatures in boiling water and cold water does not produce any chemical reactions or harmful substances.

    4. Medical devices

    Medical device connecting tubes often use high-temperature silicone hoses, and the non-toxic and odorless properties are ideal for use in medical devices.