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    Advantages of acid-to-base silicone hoses

    Silicone hose has many kinds, acid-resistant silicone hose is one of them, its raw material is acid-base silicone, often used in electricity, but also called acid-resistant silicone rubber hose. 

    1. Resistance to high temperature and low temperature

    This performance is the unique performance of silicone hose, so acid-resistant silicone hose as a silicone tube, naturally is no exception, it can work at high temperature of 250 ℃ to 300 ℃, but also in the under-zero 40 to 60 ℃ of the condition. People can not bear the temperature, acid-resistant silicone hose is still able to work normally.

    2. Good acid-resistant and alkaline energy

    Why is called acid-resistant silicone hose, of course, because it is acid-resistant alkaline can be the best, its performance is relatively stable, can withstand many disinfection without deformation. Acid-alkali silicone hose has good ozone resistance, anti-aging, uv-resistant properties, in the ozone-free or sun exposure environment, can also be used for a long time.

    3. Good insulation

    Acid-resistant silicone hose insulation performance is very good, does not conduct electricity, and encounter water, temperature rise when deformation will be relatively small, even if there is a short circuit problem, it will generate silica, but silica still does not conduct electricity, can ensure the normal operation of various electrical equipment.

    Acid-resistant silicone hose can withstand chemical erosion, and not easy to react with other chemicals, high temperature and low temperature performance is stable, is a very good use of the choice.