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    Silicone hose product features

    Silicone hoses can be divided into several categories, these categories are extruded silicone tubes, automotive silicone tubes, special silicone tubes. Silicone tubes need to be refined repeatedly during the refining process. Silicone hoses are mainly used in modern and rapid development of industry, defense technology, as well as some of our daily necessities.

    Technical features of silicone hoses:

    The hardness of silicone hose is general, and the tensile strength is relatively high. Its colors are varied. Mainly black, red, green and so on. And its maximum temperature is not more than 300 degrees Celsius, which is relatively high in silicone tubes. In fact, its greatest advantage is in the wet bad conditions or in the temperature rise, its performance will not change significantly, so in some power industry is very much in need of this silicone hose.


    Silicone hose product features:

    1. Silicone hose is non-toxic and tasteless, in this regard it can be applied to many aspects, in fact, silicone is a new type of polymer icing, it can withstand a very high temperature and very low temperature. That is to say, its stability is quite good.

    2. Silicone hose use limit is very high, can withstand repeated bad conditions its nature will not change much, deformation is particularly small.

    3. Silicone hoses can withstand radiation and radiation, and are excellent for antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

    Our company is China's leading hose supplier, providing food-grade silicone hose, automotive silicone hose, special silicone hose, can be customized according to drawings, welcome to inquire.