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    Steam hose characteristics

    Steam hose, for cooling equipment cooling water, engine engine hot and cold water, food processing, especially in dairy plants hot water and saturated steam, resistant to thin (low concentration) acid and alkali.

    Steam hoses, like ordinary industrial hoses, are made up of internal glue, external glue and middle layer.

    Commonly used internal and external adhesive materials are made of heat- and vapor-resistant, ozone-resistant UV and chemically superior EPDM materials, with outer glue wrapped. The middle layer is generally woven wire or wire preparation to strengthen the pressure range of the hose.

    Features of steam hose:

    1. Can transport high temperature saturated steam or hot water at high temperature, suitable for steam sweepers, flat-panel vulcanizers and injection molding machines and other hot pressure equipment as hoses.

    2. The inner and outer adhesive layer of the high-pressure steam hose is made of synthetic adhesive material with good heat resistance, so the tube body of the tube has the characteristics of softness, good flexibility and high heat resistance.

    3. The inner and outer adhesive layer of the hose is made of synthetic glue with excellent heat resistance, and the high temperature steam tube body has the characteristics of light, high heat resistance and so on steam hose in the iron product application diameter mm, the number of wire braiding layer, saturated vapor pressure.

    4. Durable, long-term use does not have to be replaced, greatly reduce the cost of use, improve the efficiency of use, economic and practical.