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    How to choose steam hose?

    Range of use of steam hose:

    1. First of all, the steam hose transports high temperature water vapor, 184℃ saturated water vapor, EPDM rubber's biggest characteristic is the resistance to saturated water vapor, in the 160℃ or less saturated water vapor can be used for a long time, especially with peroxide vulcanization system.

    2. Steam hose excellent acid-resistant alkaline energy, acid resistance is greater than alkaline resistance, for room temperature hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, EPDM rubber can be used normally.

    3. Steam hose is a good low temperature hose, EPDM at minus 50 degrees still has good softness, used with liquid nitrogen, liquid ammonia.

    4. The steam hose has good tolerance for phosphate hydraulic oil, and the ordinary hydraulic oil hose cannot transport phosphate hydraulic oil.

    The choice of steam hose has many aspects of factors, according to the actual use of temperature, working pressure, caliber, steam hose installation is dynamic or static to select. The most critical of this is the temperature, the general steam hose is rubber products. Its main raw material is synthetic rubber, rubber material is not the same its high temperature performance is not the same. If it is within 160 degrees, can use EPDM rubber or CSM and other materials, if more than 160 degrees and less than 240 degrees, then we have to use silicone rubber to make, the use of different temperature skew corresponding materials are not the same, so be sure to understand the use of steam hose temperature. To avoid accidents or waste due to selection errors. Joint type generally has threaded connections, quick joint connections, etc.