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    Main uses of food grade silicone hoses

    Main uses of food grade silicone hoses:

    1. For food processing, health pharmaceuticals, biomedical, cosmetics, fine chemicals, chemical laboratories and other high-clean occupations;

    2. For the transportation, suction, filling, etc. of liquids, gases, semiconductors, etc.

    3. Widely used in food machinery and equipment, filling machines, peristaltic pumps, dispensing liquid filling, coffee machines, tea sets, medical equipment, soy milk machines and other equipment linked catheters

    4. Transport of water, steam, oil and other media at high temperatures (e.g. water vapor systems and hydraulic systems in coking, steelmaking, continuous casting equipment)

    5. Lines that require shock reduction or noise reduction (e.g. import and export of pumps)

    Hose structure: platinum vulcanized silicone rubber, implanted in high-strength polyester woven fiber wire, according to customer requirements of two-headed joint or flange head, used to transport a variety of media flexible components.

    Function features: hydrolysis, ozone, mold, high temperature, low temperature (-40 degrees - 180 degrees), light weight, small size, good elasticity. Food-grade silicone tubes are widely used in medicine, food, dairy products, cosmetics, laboratories, vegetable oils, fine chemicals, wine industry, edible oil and other occupations.