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    Requirements for the safe use of oxygen hose and acetylene hose

    1. Pay attention to the storage and maintenance of the hose, avoid sun exposure, rain and snow immersion, prevent acid, alkali, oil and other organic solvents from contact, distance from the heat source is not less than 1 meter

    2. When the new hose is used, the tube inner wall talcum powder must be blown off to prevent the torch from being blocked.

    3. Avoid squeezing and mechanical damage when used, and do not fold the tube body.

    4. Oxygen hose and acetylene hose can not be mixed and substituted (oxygen skin tube is blue, acetylene skin tube is red), can not be blown out of the acetylene tube blockage with oxygen hose.

    5. In the event of a backfire, the recombustion hose cannot be used again.

    6. The oxygen pressure is guaranteed during the gas cutting operation to prevent tempering.

    7. Do not use a drum bag, crack or air leakage hose, it is strictly prohibited to leak the hose with adhesive cloth after sticking to continue to use.

    8. When connecting the two ends of the hose to the workpiece, tighten with a card or wire, and the middle joint to use a trachea joint and tighten.

    9. The acetylene hose is on fire, the flame should be extinguished before the gas supply is stopped. Oxygen hose on fire, to stop the gas supply, and then deal with the fire hose, but not with the treatment of bending hose.

    10. The cylinder valve must be closed when the cylinder is not in use or off duty.