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    Introduction and use of PVC steel wire hose

    PVC steel wire hose, PVC Steel Wire And Fibre Composite Hose. In fact, it is the internal reinforcement of the steel wire layer, which causes the PVC pipe to undergo some modification or enhancement in terms of strength, resistance to distortion and quality.

    PVC steel wire hose is a new type of pvc reinforced material, which has a very good improvement in pressure resistance and hardness. Among the steel hoses, there are many main production methods. The main types of steel wire hoses in the market are high-pressure steel wire hoses, low-pressure steel wire hoses, food-grade steel wire softening hoses, anti-static steel wire reinforced hoses, PVC steel wires And Fiber composite hoses, etc., are used in different environments. The new pvc wire hose is the most widely used product.

    PVC steel wire hose can be divided into industrial grade (specially transporting industrial water, oil, sewage, powder, chemical raw materials, etc.) and food grade according to the use (food factory transports juice, milk, edible water, winery to transport liquor, beer , etc., wind power, suction and drainage, oil, low concentration chemicals and other liquid and solid particles, powder materials. Regardless of the application, the substance itself must be a "non-corrosive" "low concentration chemical" substance.

    The PVC steel wire hose is a PVC hose with a steel wire frame embedded therein. The inner and outer tubes are transparent, smooth and free of air bubbles, and the fluid transport is clearly visible; low concentration acid and alkali resistance, high elasticity, not easy to age, long service life; high pressure resistance, can maintain the original state under high pressure vacuum.

    Pvc Steel Wire Spring Hose-2.jpg