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    What are the features of high temperature silicone hoses?

    1, Silicone hose inside and outside the wall is very smooth, feel better, and the hose itself high transparency, no impurities in the middle;

    2, Silicone hose in the middle lining of the helix steel wire strength and toughness is better, bendability is better, can withstand higher negative pressure;

    3, Silicone hose wall easy to clean, not easy to attach residues, support high temperature high-pressure steam disinfection and sterilization;

    4, Silicone hose odorless odorless non-toxic, after high temperature vulcanization experiments, do not produce any decomposition material;

    ORIENT's products include a number of high-quality imported high-temperature silicone hoses, with Silicone Steel Wire Hose and Silicone Vacuum Hose receiving more. Both products are suitable for the biopharmaceutical, food transportation, cosmetics and chemical industries.

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