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    Introduction to silicone hoses

    Silicone hoses are a very popular product in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. How to choose the right silicone soft? Need to be analyzed from its specific classification.

    1, According to the use of classification

    Medical silicone hoses, food-grade silicone hoses, high temperature-resistant silicone hoses, insulated silicone hoses, industrial silicone hoses, etc.

    2, According to the physical nature

    Transparent silicone hoses, translucent silicone hoses, colored silicone hoses, silicone hoses, braided silicone hoses, etc.

    Among them, medical silicone tube, food-grade silicone tube and high temperature silicone tube performance is very prominent, the application is more extensive.

    1, Food-grade silicone hose: high transparency, odorless odorless odorless and non-variable yellow, hose itself soft, high anti-tear, high insulation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant type, anti-aging, environmental protection and pull-resistant type;

    2, Medical silicone hose: as the name implies is the medical and health level silicone hose, and food-grade silicone tube similar, but the application of the industry has a difference;

    3, High temperature-resistant silicone hose: also known as flame retardant silicone tube, its effect is also high temperature fire, continuous temperature resistance can reach -60 to 200 degrees;

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