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    Four precautions for hydraulic hose

    1. The pressure of the hydraulic hose must be no less than the pressure of the larger system. The normal oil drilling hose can only be used if there are few cases.

    2. Temperature, fluid temperature and ambient temperature, both stable and transient, the hydraulic hose must not exceed the limit temperature of the heat recommended temperature is higher or lower than the hose, the hose can reduce performance, resulting in damage to the hose, resulting in leakage.

    3. Fluid compatibility: The fluid of the high-pressure hose should conform to the "use" rules of the product samples. The product characteristics of the high-pressure steel braided hose should ensure the management and safety of life when used.

    4. Appropriate connection: Because the nut connection is convenient, the cost is low and widely used, and the vibration is large under the allowable conditions, the problem of looseness of the nut should be fully considered, and the flange should be connected.