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    Twos factors of hydraulic hose damage

    Hydraulic hose is a rubber hose with high pressure and temperature, with the development of the economy, the demand for hydraulic hose is also increasing, but after a period of use will find cracks in the surface of the hydraulic hose, why is this happening?

    1. The quality of the hydraulic hose is too poor, due to the uneven thickness of the hose wall, the steel wire weaving too tight, too loose or the number of wire layers too small cause of damage;

    Then the weak part of the hydraulic hose bursts.

    2. Improper use, if used improperly, will also shorten the life of hydraulic hose, this situation is more common. So we should pay extra attention when using it.

    These are two common factors that cause problems with hydraulic pipes, as well as other factors, including: beyond the pressure range, temperature range, other media outside the delivery regulations, etc. If you need to purchase hydraulic hoses, you can choose our company, we will be based on your environment to provide a full range of services to ensure the use of hydraulic hoses.

    hydraulic hose SAE 100 R9 R10 R12 (2).jpg