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    Introduction to the working pressure of high-pressure hose

    People who use high-pressure hoses know that high-pressure hoses are mainly used in the transport of liquids and gases, and its use requirements are much more stringent than ordinary rubber tuberequirements. For the use characteristics of high-pressure hose, we need to determine the high-pressure rubber tube according to the pressure of the system, then the working pressure of high-pressure rubber tube needs to pay attention to those points?

    Different specifications of high-pressure hose will have a normal operating pressure, and the high-pressure hose blasting pressure is 3-4 times the operating pressure. The more steel layers, the greater the pressure, so according to the actual pressure of the system, the choice of high-pressure hose of the larger working pressure, can ensure the normal operation of the system.

    The pressure of the high-pressure hose has a great relationship with the reinforcement layer, the more the reinforcing layer wire matures, the higher the pressure, the wire is divided into two forms of weaving and winding.

    hydraulic hose SAE 100 R9 R10 R12 (2).jpg