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    Three standards for hydraulic hoses

    Hydraulic hose in all walks of life is more and more widely used, and has become a more common product in social industrial products, its safety is very important for the user, then the selection of hydraulic hose is to pay attention to which standards?

    1, Pressure resistance testing

    The hydraulic hose for pressure test, test ingress with the pressure resistance of the hose is qualified, detect whether there is leakage of the tube body, and whether the parts are damaged and other abnormal circumstances, so as to determine whether the safety of the hose is good.

    2, Air tightness detection

    Hydraulic hoses are airtight for airtightinspection, using dry, clean air, or using nitrogen or other protective gases as the test medium as needed, in order to detect the presence of air leakage in the hoses.

    3, Whether the texture of the hydraulic hose is uniform

    Check whether the texture of the hydraulic hose is uniform, whether there is colloidal adhesion and other irregularities, if there is a will be considered unqualified.

    4, Flexibility detection

    The hydraulic hose to moderate bend, to see if it has a certain degree of toughness, so as not to use in the process, due to bending and break abnormal, and thus affect the normal use of the user.