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    Hydraulic hose inspection standards

    The control and inspection standards of the quality of the hydraulic hose must be inspected according to the corresponding technical standards to confirm compliance with the performance indicators and use requirements of the hose assembly. The following aspects are emphasized in the inspection.

    1, The specification sits and actual deviation of the hose.

    Because the inner and outer diameter of the hose and the outer diameter of the skeleton layer will fluctuate, if the range of fluctuations exceeds the allowed limit, it is not possible to guarantee the balance of the compression of the hose fitting, the quality of the hose assembly is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, for the production of the dispensing pipe assembly selected hose, should strictly check the internal diameter, skeleton layer outer diameter in line with the requirements, external diameter deviation, the requirements can be appropriately relaxed.

    2, The deviation of the thick wall of the hose.

    Due to the eccentricity of the adhesive layer inside the tube and the influence of the width of the intermediate adhesive layer between the skeleton layer, it may cause the thickness of the hose wall to deviate too much. If the wall thickness deviation exceeds the permissible range, it will affect the subsequent sealing and anti-pull strength, and may even cause the hose assembly connector part of the skew (skewed head). Therefore, the deviation of the wall thickness should be strictly controlled, generally for the wall thickness deviation of more than 0.5mm of the hose should be carefully selected.

    3, The adhesive between the layers of the hose.

    High-quality hose should have a good integrity, that is, the structure layer should have a higher adhesion, the adhesive layer between the glue layer to become a whole. In order to adapt to the joint assembly, buckle the process of the various process requirements, in order to ensure the performance requirements of the hose assembly. Therefore, it is necessary to control the adhesion between the layers of the hose can not be lower than the technical standards, and should try to choose the high adhesion of the hose for the production of the hose assembly.

    4, The appearance of the quality of the hose.

    The appearance quality of the hose can not be ignored, it not only affects the appearance quality of the hose assembly, but also affects the quality of use. Such as the outer rubber layer has bubbles, pores or mechanical damage, will make the skeleton layer exposed, resulting in the rust of the skeleton layer, reduce the pressure strength of the hose, directly affect the service life of the hose assembly, and even in the use of accidents. Therefore, the appearance quality of the hose should pay attention to check, affecting the performance of the hose assembly appearance defects should be eliminated.