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    Daily maintenance of hydraulic hoses

    Hydraulic hose belongs to rubber products, in the process of shipment and use, inevitably there will be some subtle operation caused by the damage to the hose, then, how should the hydraulic hose be maintained?

    In the shipment of hydraulic hoses, we should pay special attention to the similar hose products need to be classified neatly shipped, to prevent excessive bending of the tube discount, and do not pile on the hose pressure other heavy objects; to prevent damage to the tube body. During handling, no drag should be carried, special tools or lifting equipment should be used for heavy duty products, and high-pressure hoses should be prevented from being accidentally damaged.


    How should the hydraulic hose be maintained during use?

    1. Regular lying tubes for long-term use should be checked regularly. The degree of aging and the wear of the epidermis and joints are recommended to be checked weekly.

    2. Surface cleaning of high-pressure hoses. Clean the production material on the hose surface daily and focus on removing corrosive material from the hose surface.

    3. When hoses are often in contact with frictional surfaces, protective bushings should be used to reduce the coefficient of friction, increase service life and prevent aging.

    4. Used hoses, remove the material circulating in the tube when not in use for a long time, and then pass it into the media to close the storage.

    5. Do not place hoses outdoors when storing hoses, as they can cause contamination and hose aging due to other factors such as sunlight.

    6. Hydraulic hoses are not recommended for repair, when everyone finds hidden dangers immediately replace, in order to avoid personal injury and accidents.