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    How do I distinguish the performance of metal hoses?

    As the skills of metal hoses continue to be sophisticated and developed in a variety of ways, how do people determine the good or bad function of metal hoses in their daily lives? Now, the production of wire mesh sets for 24 shares, 36 shares, 48 shares, 64 shares, extra large diameter bellows, there are 96 shares, 120 shares and 144 shares.

    Net sleeve primary weaving parameters in addition to (wire) stock number, silk diameter, (strip) ingot number, thickness, there is coverage area, weaving distance, weaving point of view and so on.

    General metal hose only use a layer of mesh cover, special use of the occasion, there are woven two layers, three layers of the basis of the bellows diameter and different application requirements, it is often 0.3 to 0.8 mm diameter wire or thickness of 0.2 to 0.5 mm of strip material to manufacture.

    Line material per share 4 to 15, with one ingot per strip. General people in the selection of metal hose, the first is to look at the mesh set of the giant detail to resolution the function of the mesh cover. Therefore, in summary, the resolution of the metal hose function of the important basis is the mesh cover.