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    6 Precautions for Hydraulic Hoses

    The hydraulic system is where the blood flow of the mechanical system is located. The hydraulic hose, on the other hand, is called a mechanical blood vessel. Leaks of hydraulic hoses are common at work. At the same time, the pressure caused by the leakage of hydraulic oil is reduced, which brings us many effects. How to overcome leakage is an unavoidable task for every hydraulic hose manufacturer and user.

    The daily maintenance of the hydraulic hose is essential, and how to avoid the failure is as follows:

    1. Select a suitable high pressure hose according to the working environment.

    2. High-pressure hoses are purchased in strict accordance with the standard.

    3. Improve the assembly method, try to use mechanical assembly and automated assembly.

    4. Improve the equipment. Improve the quality of work and responsibility of personnel.

    5. Strictly test according to the standard, and try to ensure 100% detection rate.

    6. Use qualified oil products. Replace the aging hose in time.