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    Precautions for the use of hydraulic hoses

    The use of hydraulic hose is becoming more and more common, the following hydraulic hose manufacturer's technical staff explain edgs about the use of hydraulic hose:

    1. Bending radius should not be less than the given bending radius, to prevent damage to the hydraulic hose skeleton or due to excessive stretching, early damage.

    2. According to the conditions of use, the correct selection of hydraulic hose varieties, specifications, do not misuse or substitute.

    3. When the hydraulic rubber tube is used, the pressure should be balanced and slowly adjusted to avoid sudden pressure increase and damage to the pipe body.

    4. When the workplace changes, should be moved from the ground, not to drag the ground, so as not to scratch the external glue, corrosion of the skeleton layer.

    5. Transport corrosion liquid, after use of internal should be cleaned, to prevent residuelong corrosion of the pipe body, or the appropriate series of products.