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    Features of hydraulic hoses

    Hydraulic hoses are mainly composed of internal glue layer, wire reinforcing layer and outer outer adhesive layer. The role of the wire reinforcement layer is to support the entire hydraulic tube skeleton, the inner glue layer and the outer rubber layer have a common function, that is, to protect the wire reinforcement layer from corrosion and rust, at the same time, the liquid also needs to be transported through the inner glue layer. It can withstand temperatures ranging from 40 to 100 degrees Celsius and is a good tool for oil extraction and transportation. At the same time, it can also transport air, water and so on. For hydraulic hoses, it has the following characteristics. First, the inner and outer layers of the hydraulic hoses are made of rubber, which can withstand high temperatures and are not corroded. Second, the rubber material is soft, so the entire hydraulic hose is very soft and can be changed into different shapes depending on the channel. Finally, the hydraulic hoses are also very resistant to wear and can be used for long periods of time without being eliminated.