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    Common problems with hydraulic hoses(3)

    3. Damage to the reinforcement layer

    (1) The hose is cracked. The braided wire near the crack is rusty. If the hose breaks, peel off the outer rubber layer to find the broken surrounding the braiding, winding wire rust, mainly due to the external rubber layer wet or corrosive substances, so that the strength of the hose reduced, resulting in a rupture at high pressure. When this happens, it is usually accompanied by external fracture, wear or severe deterioration, which causes the outer adhesive layer to lose its protective effect on the reinforcing layer. At this point, external factors such as mechanical damage, chemical corrosion and high temperature baking of the outer adhesive layer need to be checked and eliminated before the hoses are replaced. However, there are also cases where the outer rubber layer remains good but the reinforcing layer is rusty and ruptured. Damaged mouth is usually within 200mm of the hose connector, most of the reason is because the connector is not qualified, because the moisture into the inner edge of the outer sheath, so the reinforcement layer absorbs moisture and causes rust, resulting in soft strength and rupture.

    (2) The hose reinforcement layer is not rusty. However, there is an irregular wire break phenomenon, if the hose breaks, peel off the outer glue layer, found that the reinforcement layer is not rusty. However, the length direction of the enhanced layer appears irregularly broken. The main reason is that the hose is affected by high-frequency impact. There are many intersections between the braided reinforced wire and the wire. When the pressure in the tube changes greatly, these intersections also change with the diameter of the tube, causing the wires to rub against each other. If the hose is subjected to high-frequency impact pressure, the intersection will experience frequent friction, resulting in a broken wire. For hoses that are often subjected to high-frequency shocks, a wire-wounded skeleton should be used as an enhanced layer.

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