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    Common problems with hydraulic hoses(1)

    1. Damage to the outer rubber

    (1) The temperature is low, the temperature of the object drops sharply, the hydraulic hose is no exception, once the surface of the hose cracks, the hose will bend. If any cracks are found outside the hose, observe the glue in the hose for cracks and decide whether to replace the hose immediately.

    (2) Blisters appear in the outer adhesive layer of the hose. Blisters appear outside the hose due to poor quality or incorrect use of the hose. If the foaming occurs in the middle section of the hose, it is mainly the quality of hose production quality, timely replacement of qualified hoses. If the bubbles appear at the hose connector, it may be caused by improper installation of the connector.

    (3) The hose did not break, but there was a large amount of oil seepage. If the hose does not break, but a large amount of oil seepage, the reason is that when the hose flows through high-pressure liquid, the internal rubber layer is washed away and scratched until a large area of the wire layer is leaking out and causing a large amount of oil leakage.

    (4) The outer glue layer of the hose has deteriorated seriously and the surface is slightly cracked. This is a natural aging of the hose stake for too long.