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    Causes of hydraulic hose failure(3)

    Hydraulic hose failure is a serious problem, regardless of the industry or type of equipment involved. Hose failure can lead to downtime of the machine and the entire system, as well as costly maintenance costs and other financial losses. If high-pressure equipment is involved, employees may be at physical risk in the event of a hose failure.

    5. Transporting liquid does not match

    Not all fluids can be transported through hydraulic hoses. If an incompatible fluid and poor quality hose is used, it may cause disintegration, expansion and stratification from the inside of the hose.

    If the hose is decomposed and leaks, serious particulate contamination of the hydraulic system can occur. Make sure that the hydraulic hoses used are compatible with the fluid that flows through them.

    6. Improper installation

    Improper installation is another cause of hydraulic hose failure. When the hose is cut to a certain size, the hose must be carefully cleaned and rinsed to prevent contamination of the accumulated chips left behind, the inner tube should be as clean as possible, and the end of the hose should be clamped after the fitting is pressed into place.