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    Introduction to household vacuum cleaner hose materials

    For household vacuum cleaners, usually just suck some dust, even if there are very few particles, so the household vacuum cleaner hose does not have to be very wear-resistant, the use of general materials can be. At present, the most commonly used material for household vacuum cleaner hoses is EVA, because this material is very lightweight and easy to use. Of course, for most housewives, of course, what you want is a lightweight vacuum cleaner and a matching vacuum hose. In addition to EVA materials, there are PE materials, but PE is heavier than EVA, some vacuum cleaners also use PVC tubes, but the lightest is the EVA vacuum pipe. EVA Hose is a special tube for household vacuum cleaner. The inner wall material is EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer). Lightweight, anti-crushing, with good alkali-resistant metal and acidic resistance, can float, EVA hose for a variety of vacuum cleaners, household and industrial vacuum cleaning equipment.