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    Transport of Hydraulic Hoses

    In the transport of hydraulic hoses, to pay attention to a few points:

    In the loading and unloading process, to light discharge, do not occur collision and friction, to prevent damage to the outer adhesive layer

    Shipment should be placed neatly, bending degree should not exceed the hose can withstand the range, otherwise there will be discounting phenomenon, affecting the use. The hose is less able to pile up heavy objects to avoid the hose being squashed

    It is strictly forbidden to mix hoses with acid, alkali, oil organic solvents, flammable and explosive articles; pipe body can not touch heat source and sharp objects, such as: blades, sharp stones, furniture, etc.

    For hoses that require straight transport, no bending can occur, and if the length exceeds the compartment range, the bracket support is applied to prevent the hose from rubbing on the ground.

    When handling hoses, do not drag at will, resulting in hose wear. For larger hoses, lifting equipment should be used for handling to prevent accidental damage.