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    How to judge the quality of rubber hose

    1. Look at the surface of rubber hose: rubber surface is generally divided into two kinds, glossy light and cloth expandable. The glossy surface requires smooth surfaces, no bubbles and bulges, and the cloth expandable requires the winding cloth to be smooth and the spacing to be consistent.

    2. Look at the reinforcement layer: the reinforcement layer generally uses fiber, steel wire weaving, steel wire winding. The more layers there are, the greater the pressure they are subjected to, which is an important indicator of judgment.

    3. See if the rubber hose appears eccentric phenomenon: Under normal circumstances the rubber core is a positive round shape, if there is an ellipse or is not a positive circle phenomenon, may affect the use of rubber pipe.

    4. Look at the bending performance of rubber hose: fold the hose in half, observe the surface color and rebound speed, the color change is small, the rebound speed is fast, prove the hose quality is better

    5. Diameter of rubber hose and wall thickness: rubber pipe wall thickness due to uniformity, pipe diameter is equal, and the size of their own needs are the same.

    6. Smell rubber Pipe has no odor: rubber pipe odor is small, better quality

    7. Pressure measurement: Using pressure measuring machine to measure whether the pressure of rubber pipe to meet the standard, the stronger the pressure capacity, the better the quality.