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    Classification of Rubber Hoses

    In order to adapt to the physical and chemical conditions of operation in various industries, industrial hoses usually have very strict enforcement standards in the chemical raw materials and processes of internal and external colloids. Classified according to working conditions, there are common:

    Water conveyance hose. Used in irrigation, horticulture, construction, fire protection, equipment and tanker cleaning, agricultural fertilizers, faeces, industrial sewage drainage and so on. Internal adhesive materials to PVC, EPDM mostly.

    Hot water and steam hoses. For refrigeration equipment cooling water, engine engine hot and cold, food processing, especially in dairy plants hot water and saturated steam. The internal glue material is mostly EPDM.

    Beverage Food hose. Used in non-lipids such as milk, carbonate, orange juice, beer, animal and plant oils, drinking water and so on. The internal adhesive material is mostly NR or synthetic rubber. Usually need to have food grade FDA, DVGWA class, KTW or CE and other standard qualification certification.

    Air hose. Used in compressors, pneumatic devices, mining, construction and other aspects. Internal adhesive materials to NBR, PVC Composite, PU, SBR mostly. There is usually a strict requirement for applicable pressure.

    Welding hose. Used in gas welding, cutting and other aspects. Internal glue material to NBR or synthetic rubber mostly, external glue usually made of red, blue, yellow and so on to show special gas.

    Duct & Vacuum Hose. Used in hot air, dust, soot, chemical gas emissions and so on. Internal glue to thermoplastic materials, PVC mostly. Usually the tube body has a scalable design.

    Material suction hose. Used for gas, fog, powder, granules, fibers, gravel, cement, fertilizer, coal dust, flow sand, concrete, gypsum and other solid particles of liquid transport and so on. Internal adhesive materials to NR, NBR, SBR, PU mostly. Usually the external glue wear resistance is higher.

    Oil conveyor hose. Used in fuel, diesel, kerosene, oil and other aspects. Internal adhesive materials to NBR, PVC Composite, SBR mostly. Usually there are conductive steel wires between the internal and external glue to prevent Mars.

    Chemical hose. Used in acidic, chemical solutions and so on. The internal glue material is mostly EPDM. Typically, this type requires custom materials and design options.