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    Wear-resistant rubber hose

    Wear-resistant rubber hose belongs to a large category of generic, specific can be subdivided into shield machine special pipe, as well as for industrial and mining enterprises, subway construction and other projects in the wear-resistant pipe, because the way of work and the transmission of media is not the same, the choice of conveyor should also pay attention to its wear resistance. Compliance with the transport of the medium. Today mainly introduced under the transmission of cement, sandstone cord suction hose and cord sandblasting hose.

    The inner layer of the cord suction hose adopts black NR&SBR wear-resistant synthetic rubber, the reinforced layer adopts multilayer synthetic fabric, and the outer adhesive layer adopts black synthetic rubber. It is generally used to transport cement, gravel and other fine particulate matter. With good wear resistance, external adhesive has a good resistance to aging and wear resistance, blasting pressure is not less than three times times the working pressure.


    Cord sandblasting Hose Tube layer using black wear-resistant synthetic rubber, reinforced layer using multi-layer synthetic fabric layer + spiral steel wire layer, external adhesive layer using black oil-resistant synthetic rubber, generally applicable to suction ore, river sand, coal crumbs and cereals (Waseda, wheat, corn) and other solid substances or granular materials. Hose has good bending performance, internal glue has good elasticity and wear resistance, external adhesive has good aging resistance and wear resistance. Has the dual performance of bearing positive and negative pressure, under the vacuum condition of -80kpa (600mm mercury), normal use, hose blasting pressure is not less than three times times the working pressure.