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    What are the precautions for safe use of high pressure hose?

    1, Hose can only be used for transport specified media.

    2, Hose is strictly prohibited from using more than the design work pressure.

    3, The medium temperature of the hose conveying should not exceed the requirements of the factory. Oil is-40 ℃ to 120 ℃, air is 30 ℃ to 50 ℃, emulsion liquid is 80 ℃ or lower.

    4, Hose should be kept clean, internal flushing should be clean. Prevents foreign bodies from entering the lumen, obstructs fluid transfer and damages the equipment.

    5, Hose layout should be away from heat, when needed can be installed casing or insulation plate and other devices, so as to avoid heat spoilage of the hose. --Spiral Hose Guard

    6. When the hose intersects or frictions with the mechanical surface, protective measures should be taken to prevent the hose from bursting due to wear and tear.

    7, The installation of hose should avoid being in a tight state, must have a certain length margin, in order to keep the hose loose.

    8. During daily use, hoses must be protected to prevent the hose from being squeezed and collided.

    9, Hose must use supporting "U" card, sealing ring, two-way, three-way, etc., strictly prohibited use of other alternatives.

    10, hose rupture, expansion, joint card corrosion, disconnection, rubber layer aging cracks, etc., must be replaced immediately.

    11. Newly invested or replaced hoses must be tested and certified before use. It can only be used after it has been qualified. Personnel are not allowed to approach during testing.