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    PU plastic hose


    PU plastic pipe is POLYURETHANETUBING English abbreviation, PU plastic pipe is the preferred pneumatic industry pneumatic pressure hose

    PU plastic pipe by material points: polyester PU tube, polyether PU tube

    PU stainless steel tube, PU steel hose, PU screw pipe, PU telescopic tube, PU spring tube, PU folder tube, PU braided tube , PU reticulated pipe, PU single tube, PU straight tube.

    PU plastic pipe use: for industrial, agriculture, food, medicine, civil engineering, fisheries, aquaculture, garden irrigation and other areas of general working pressure of liquid delivery. Such as: pneumatic pipe, hydraulic pipe, garden water pipes, oil, water pipes, oil exploration pipe, sandblasting pipe, peristaltic pump hose.

    PU plastic pipe characteristics: the use of TPU materials produced by the hose with anti-tensile, tension, tear strength, wear resistance, bending resistance, resistance to penetration, low temperature resistance, hydrolysis and other properties, and has a good Of resilience and long service life.

    This product does not contain plasticizer, non-toxic and tasteless, is a high-performance environmentally friendly hose. Is the best alternative to PVC, rubber hose.

    Type: Polyester TPU hose, polyether TPU hose

    Conveying medium: chemical liquid, abrasive, food and beverage, oil, water, gas,

    Applicable temperature: -35 -90

    Hardness range: 70A-98A


    1, oil resistance is good, is the natural rubber oil resistance of 15-20 times;

    2, wear resistance is good, is the natural rubber wear resistance of 30-50 times

    3, anti-aging is good, is the natural rubber aging resistance of 5 times;

    4, resistant to tear strength is 3 times the natural rubber

    5, with high elasticity, high elongation, high strength;

    6, damping performance is good, smooth inner wall, liquid resistance is small, less hydraulic loss;

    7, the appearance of beautiful, hose bending radius is small, non-toxic and tasteless, impact resistance, fatigue, light and flexible, the weight of rubber hose is 30 to 70 percent;

    8, good resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. Impact resistance, fatigue resistance, safe and reliable