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    The difference between of Rubber+PVC Air hose and Rubber air hose

    Differences between Rubber + PVC Air hose and Rubber air hose

    rubber+pvc air hose.jpg

    Rubber & PVC air hose

    1. Our rubber & pvc air hose is made of quality synthetic material of PVC and Rubber and Polyester fiber.

    2. Various kinds of brilliant color

    3. Light in weight, more flexible, elastic and easy to move.

    4. Good durability, smooth inner and outer, no twist under the low environment.

    5. The ideal necessity for air pumps and air compressors.

    6. Anti- UV, anti-abrasion, anti chemical.

    7. Temperature: -5 - +65

    8. The outside smooth is looks like rubber, and it also can reach the same working pressure with rubber air hose

    The important is the price of rubber + pvc air hose is more competitive than rubber air hose

    rubber air hose.png

    Rubber Air hose

    1. The Application of our rubber air hose is: Oil mist resistant air hose for versatile general industries and construction sites not suitable for transfer of petroleum products.

    2. Temperature: -20 - +70

    3. Tueb: Black, smooth, synthetic rubber oil mist resistant.

    4. Reinforcement: High strength synthetic yarn

    5. Cover: Yello (Red/blue/black). smooth, synthetic rubber. Weathering and ozone resistant.