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    Use Precautions Of Rubber Covered Layflat Hose


    Some PVC hose products are not fully suitable for food, medical and other industries supporting. Therefore, hose adaptability and safety can not make any guarantee when used for such equipment supporting. For the food industry should use food grade hose.



    1. It is advisable to use the Orientflex pvc hose within the appropriate temperature and indicated range and consult Orientflex Company if necessary.

    2. The hose is inflated and contracted with its internal pressure and temperature, and the hose should be cuted to a length slightly longer than required.

    3. When applying pressure, slowly open the valve to avoid damage to the hose due to impact pressure.

    4. When useing pressure, according to the different use, conditions, rational use the hoses, if necessary consult Orientflex company.



    1. When using the hose, pay attention to the media (water, air, oil, powder, granules, toxic chemicals and other substances) consult Orient Flex if necessary.



    1. The hose should be used for conditions above its minimum turning radius, if turning radius is too less, the hose may be broken and reduce hose life.

    2. For conveying powder, particles, according to the conditions and the actual situation, try to enlarge the bending radius of the hose.

    3. Do not use with metal fittings when it is extremely bent.



    1. Do not touch or approach the fire.

    2. Avoid hose from rolling and heavy cargo backlog.

    3. When cutting steel wire reinforced hose and fiber steel composite hose, pay attention to the end of the exposed wire, there may be a risk of injury.



    1. Select the appropriate hose size connector.

    2. When the installation is used, handle the hose end into a circle.

    3. When fittings into the hose, apply grease to the joint and hose, and do not use the roast. If it can not be loaded, heat the hose by hot water and into the connector.

    4. Leave room to prevent damage to the hose when tighten the hose.


    Periodically Check for Exceptions

    1. Be sure to implement a regular inspection system during the use of the hose.

    2. The service life of the hose is affected by the physical and chemical properties of the media, temperature, flow rate, pressure, amplitude frequency, hose should be replaced immediately when any abnormal symptoms founded.



    1. After using the hose, remove the internal residue.

    2. To be placed indoors or dry and ventilated.

    3. Try to enlarge the size of the package.

    4. Storage hose from the heat source more than 1M, and there is no ozone  produced, no edm and other discharge equipment.



    1. For avoid the harmful gases affect the environment please do not burn the hose.

    2. Can be handled according to local regulations.