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    Differences Between PVC Hose and PU Hose

    PVC hose and PU hose are two very common hose production materials, all in all walks of life have a wide range of applications. But the specific performance of these two hoses are very different, the following is the most important three points:

    1, the temperature is not the same, the general temperature of 65 PVC hose, and ordinary PU hose can reach the maximum temperature of 90 .

    2, wear resistance is not the same, PU material hose more wear-resistant, so the suction particles large and high wear and tear of the material, PVC hose life is very short.

    3, the steel hose for example, the same wall thickness, the same wire spacing, PU material will be more soft, PVC will be relatively hard, unless the plasticizer inside the PVC to add a lot.Plasticizer is a kind of additive that makes PVC hose soften, but the current food standard has strict requirements for plasticizer content, so soft PVC hose, plasticizer content is far from environmental requirements.