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    Factory Tour

    Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd is a member of Orient International Group, 

    whose headquater is located in Shijiazhuang city while the production base is located in 

    Hebei and Shandong province. The group mainly engage in rubber and plastic products. 

    Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. , 

    as a branch, mainly produce & export rubber industrial hose, hydraulic hose and pvc hose.

    Orientflex History: Established in 2010

    Technical team: 10 years experienced workers, 16 years experienced engineers

    Sales Team:20 sales and service employees, 10 years experience in foreign trade

    Facilities:  16 automatic high speed braiding machines, 3steel wire spiral machines

                      2 Italy VP equipment for industrial hose

                      8 production lines for dredging hose

                      30 production lines for pvc hose

    Technology: latest rubber tech support by Qingdao University of Science& Technology

    Quality control: 100% inspection before shipment

    Market: more than 42 countries, 1368 clients all over world

    Certificate:ISO 9001 ISO 14001


    imported rubber materials LG NBR rubber from South Korea,

    imported rubber materials JSR rubber from Japan,

    imported rubber materials natural rubber from Thailand and Malaysia,

    These rubber with super steady performance is the highest quality rubber in the world

    jsr.jpg LG.jpg pa12.jpg

     Japan JSR rubber                            Korea LG NBR                                      PA12

    rubber.jpg pvc-.jpg

           natural rubber                                      pvc

    hydraulic hose workshop

    All braiding machine and spiral machine are 100% servo electronics control,high-accuracy data collection , real-time braiding or spiral angle monitoring and correction

    factory.jpg braided-machine-2.jpg braided-machine-1.jpg

                                                                     braided machine

    factory2.jpg spiral-machine.jpg spiral-machine2.jpg

                                                                  spiral machine

    Extruder-line.jpg Extruder1.jpg Extruder2.jpg

                                                                   cold feed extruder

    factory-3.jpg spiral-machine-3.jpg spiral-machine-4.jpg


    industrial hose workshop

    uniform reinforcement fabric by multi-blade slitter,uniform thickness of inner,middle,outer rubber

    Italy vp automatic production equipment,heavy and unifrom wrapping strength ,high density,superior adhesive strength between layers,

    multi-blade-slitter3.jpg Italy VP automatic production equipment.jpg machine.jpg

       multi-blade-slitter                     Italy VP automatic production equipment

    automatic-high-speed-braiding-machine.jpg horizontal-vulcanizing-tank.jpg automatic-packaging-machine.jpg

     automatic braiding                                vulcanizing tank               packaging machine

    pvc hose workshop

    factory.jpg factory-2.jpg pvc-steel-wire-hose.jpg

                                                             pvc steel wire hose

    pvc-layflat-hose.jpg pvc-layflat-hose-3.jpg pvc-layflat-hose-1.jpg

                                                            pvc layflat hose


    Our factory has strong quality control team, we set up advanced laboratory. 

    Before the mass production, we test each batch of raw material

     After the production, we test each hose to guarantee a 100% qualification. 

    Each hose tested at 2 times of working pressure.

    rubber-laboratory.jpg monitoring-vulcanization.jpg tensile-strength.jpg

                                                      rubber laboratory

    Thermoplastic-hose-laboratory.jpg pvc.jpg pvc-laboratory-2.jpg

     Thermoplastic                   pvc hose laboratory


    hydraulic.jpg industrial.jpg pvc.jpg